Welcome! - Movement Revolution

Welcome everyone!

We created this platform in order to give you all a space where you can maximise the use of your clothes, but also receive tips and inspiration while you start, or continue, with a movement enhanced lifestyle!

In the future we want to make this an application with so many cool features that will really blow you away, but while we build to that, we can still start here!

So, what will you find here?
hmmm.... SO MUCH!
We will periodically post classes that you can do at home, videos on stretches that benefit certain areas of pain or discomfort, weekly challenges that are fun, recipes on delicious yet ridiculoulsly nutritious options! 

We we also post about our company, shennanigans and updates on collections, restockings and new items!

We will get to know each other through here and who knows, maybe some of you can write a guest piece or two so we can get to know you!

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